Since 1997, RUSH PCB Inc serves the electronics industry for Printed Circuit Board and Assembly in the United State and Globally.

Our Bussiness is to manufacture boards from 2 to 32 layer, provides quick consigned and full turnkey assemblies.

RUSH PCB Inc is all about delivering Printed circuit boards on time, provide excellent quality for your printed circuit boards made with RUSH PCB Inc.

You can obtain price quotes on our website, or contact or Call us at 408-496-6013.

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• Quick turn Printed Circuit Boards
• Same days to 24 hours turn
• Exotic materials and heavy Copper
• Hard Gold Body 50u"
• 2.5 mil line/space with filler vias
• Stacked Micro Vias (HDI)
• 4 mil Laser Drill
• Up to 48 Layers
• Oversized Boards
• Blinds and Buried Vias